Spice up Your Summer with This Mouth-watering Chicken Kabob Recipe!

Hey there, foodies! It’s summertime and there’s nothing better than grilling, especially when it comes to delicious kabobs. With its endless combination of flavors, textures, and colors, kabobs are an ideal summer recipe choice that will ignite your taste buds. A perfect harmony of savory meats, vegetables, and spices, kabobs are quick and easy to make, yet always pack a punch.

chicken kabob

Are you bored with the ordinary beef or pork kabobs? Why not switch things up this summer with this juicy and mouth-watering chicken kabob recipe? Chicken is lean and delicious, incredibly versatile, and perfect for the grill. This recipe calls for tender juicy grilled chicken chunks, succulent bell peppers, onions, and juicy tomatoes, marinated in a fragrant blend of herbs and spices. This recipe is perfect for a summer BBQ, a heatwave, or an outdoor picnic, and is sure to leave your family and friends drooling and craving for more!

Delicious Chicken Kabob Recipe

What is Chicken Kabob?

Chicken kabob is a popular dish worldwide, especially in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. The dish consists of chicken pieces which are marinated with various spices, threaded on skewers, and grilled to perfection. The result is a juicy and flavorful chicken that is perfect for any meal.

Ingredients Needed

If you want to try making chicken kabob at home, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into small pieces
  • 1 bell pepper, cut into small pieces
  • 1 onion, cut into small pieces
  • 1 zucchini, cut into small pieces
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp coriander
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Wooden skewers, soaked in water for at least 30 minutes

All the ingredients are easy to find at your local grocery store, and you can easily adjust the amounts according to your own taste.

How to Make Chicken Kabob

Follow these easy steps to make delicious chicken kabob:

  1. Start by mixing all of the spices in a small bowl. This will create the marinade for the chicken kabob.
  2. Cut the chicken breasts into small pieces and place them in a large bowl. Add the vegetables to the bowl.
  3. Add the spice mixture to the bowl and mix well. Make sure that all the chicken and vegetables are coated evenly with the marinade.
  4. Thread the chicken and vegetables onto the skewers, alternating between the chicken and vegetables. Make sure that the skewers are filled, but not too tightly.
  5. Preheat your grill to medium-high heat. Place the skewers on the grill and cook for 12-15 minutes, turning occasionally.
  6. When the chicken is cooked through, remove the skewers from the grill. Let them rest for a few minutes before serving.

And there you have it – a tasty and flavorful chicken kabob that is perfect for any occasion. Serve with a side of rice or salad for a complete meal.

Overall, making chicken kabob is easy and does not require any special skills. You can easily adjust the recipe according to your own taste, and even experiment with different spice combinations. So why not give it a try and impress your family and friends with a homemade chicken kabob tonight?

Tips for Perfect Chicken Kabob

Marinating the Chicken

Marinades are the secret to tender, juicy, and flavorful chicken kabobs. They work by breaking down the tough muscle fibers in the meat, infusing it with moisture and flavor, and making it more tender and succulent. A good marinade should also give you a nice crunchy and caramelized exterior while keeping the interior juicy and moist.

There are many different marinade recipes you can use for chicken kabob, and the choices are only limited by your imagination. You can use yogurt, lemon juice, vinegar, or soy sauce as a base for the marinade and then add various herbs, spices, and aromatics to create your own unique flavor profile.

For a simple yet delicious marinade, you can use olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, paprika, cumin, salt, and black pepper. Whisk all the ingredients together, add the chicken cubes, and let it marinate for at least 2-3 hours in the refrigerator or overnight for the best results.

Vegetable Selection

When it comes to chicken kabob, vegetables can add color, taste, and texture to the dish. However, not all vegetables are created equal, and some work better than others for kabob. Generally, you want to choose firm and crunchy vegetables that can hold up well on the grill without turning mushy or falling apart.

Bell peppers, onions, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes are some of the most popular vegetables to use in chicken kabob. They are colorful, flavorful, and have a good balance of sweetness and acidity. You can also add mushrooms, eggplants, carrots, or even fruits like pineapple or mango to add more diversity and nutrition to your kabob.

When preparing the vegetables, make sure to cut them into even-sized pieces so that they cook evenly and also thread them onto the skewers alternately with the chicken to get a nice mix of flavors and colors.

Grilling and Serving

Grilling is the most common and preferred way to cook chicken kabob. It gives the meat and vegetables a smoky, charred flavor and allows any excess fat to drip off, resulting in a healthier and tastier dish. To grill chicken kabob, preheat your grill to medium-high heat, brush the grates with oil to prevent sticking, and then grill the skewers for about 10-15 minutes, turning them occasionally, until the chicken is fully cooked and slightly charred.

Once the chicken kabobs are done, you can serve them with a side of rice or pita bread, some fresh salad, and tzatziki sauce for a complete and satisfying meal. Tzatziki sauce is a traditional Greek dip made of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, lemon juice, and herbs and adds a creamy and tangy contrast to the savory and spicy kabob. You can also customize your serving by adding some herbs, nuts, or dried fruits on top of the rice or salad, or by drizzling some balsamic glaze or hot sauce over the kabob.

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We hope this chicken kabob recipe has inspired you to add some spice to your summer meals. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ or simply looking for a tasty dinner option, these kabobs are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Remember to experiment with marinades and seasonings to customize the flavor to your liking.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope you have found it helpful and informative. Be sure to visit again soon for more flavorful recipes and cooking tips. In the meantime, enjoy the delicious chicken kabobs and savor the taste of summer!


1. Can I use a different type of protein for these kabobs?

Absolutely! Feel free to switch out the chicken for beef, pork, or even tofu for a vegetarian option.

2. How long should I marinate the chicken?

We recommend marinating for at least 2 hours, but overnight is even better for maximum flavor.

3. Can I make these kabobs on the stove?

Yes, you can easily cook them on a grill pan or cast iron skillet if you don’t have access to an outdoor grill.

4. Do I have to use all of the listed vegetables?

No, the vegetable options are completely customizable. Feel free to omit or add any veggies that you prefer.

5. Can I use metal skewers instead of bamboo?

Yes, metal skewers work just as well and can be reused multiple times.

6. How many servings does this recipe make?

This recipe makes about 4 servings.

7. Can I prepare these kabobs ahead of time?

Yes, you can cut and marinate the chicken and vegetables ahead of time, but wait to skewer them until right before grilling.

8. Can I freeze the kabobs?

Yes, you can freeze the kabobs after they have been assembled and then thaw before grilling.

9. Is it safe to eat undercooked chicken?

No, it’s important to cook chicken to an internal temperature of 165°F to ensure it’s safe to eat.

10. What sides go well with these kabobs?

Rice, grilled vegetables, and a fresh salad are all great options to round out this meal.

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